Travel the World Without Leaving the Marriott

Do you need a quick get away?  How about a quick trip to the top of the Empire State Building?  Or would you prefer to explore The Colosseum in Rome?  What ever your preference is, the Marriott wants to bring it to you!

The Marriott is now the first hotel chain to enter the world of virtual reality.  They will provide Oculus Rift Technology to guests at select Marriott locations.  This will allow guests to virtually tour destinations of their choice, all without leaving the phone-booth style chamber located in your local Marriott.

Hold on a minute!  This is the Marriott, the service doesn't end with a set of goggles and some earphones.  The chamber is able to modify the temperature and create effects such as wind, giving some 5 Star touches to your virtual tour.  

First they put hotels all over the world, now they are bringing the world into their hotels.  If I get the opportunity, I would love to try this technology.  Maybe a virtual walk on the beach in Figi will convince my wife that we should go there for our next holiday.