One Man's Quest to Decipher the World of Money

The Finance Guy is based in Australia. He studied Commerce at University, with a double major in Finance and Marketing.   He has over 15 years experience within the Australian Financial Services Industry.  Making commission for selling financial products to every day people didn't sit well so this website became the best alternative   

The Guy has completed a Diploma of Financial Planning, and a Diploma in Mortgage Broking.  He has held accreditation to deal in  currencies on the Forex market as well as a derivatives license to trade options and warrants on the ASX. (Australian Stock Exchange).  

TFG has a quirky persona and has always had a fascination with money, and how it influences the decisions people make.  He has worked with thousands of investors on hundreds of products.  He had front row seats to both the 'Tech Wreck' and the GFC.  All this has given The Finance Guy a very unique perspective.

The aim of this site, is to share this perspective and let you see the world through the eyes of The Finance Guy.  We hope you find the site informative and entertaining.

Some of the content on this site will contain our opinions on either  markets or particular investments, please do not consider anything we say to be investment advice.  We do not believe we, or anyone else, can predict the future.    Our opinions are a combination of the information we have available, and our personal point of view.

 At TFG, we believe that financial literacy needs to improve.  We would like to do our part, so where possible, we will provide definitions and explanations to any financial jargon.  

This site is an outlet for us, but we want it to be entertaining for you.   With this in mind, we welcome all feedback and requests -just click on the email or social media buttons below