Day 10 - Create Alerts and Subscriptions

The Finance Guy has reached Day 10 of the Pro Blogger 31 Day Build a Better Blog Challenge.  We are finding that our PBBBB Days don't run on the same time line as normal calendar days.  Sometimes it takes several real days to progress and on days like today we have covered more than one task in a single day :)

After listening to the Day 10 PBBBB Podcast, we signed up for 3 separate Google alerts.  It is important to keep abreast of the most current news in your niche.  Setting up alerts is a great way to remind yourself to do this regularly.

Along with keeping in touch with changes to your niche, spending time reading other content will also plant seeds of inspiration for your own blog posts.   This is something we already do quite effectively, but alerts can help us do it even better!  

Using alerts will give us a more structured and deliberate way of doing our research.  The alerts we have set up are for specific sub niche topics which we want to create more content about.  We are focusing on building on our previous successes.  

For example, we want to create more content about the Aussie Dollar. Our previous post about  Trading the Australian Dollar, receives a lot of organic traffic.  We are not SEO experts, but we have taken this as a sign, that we should give this subject more attention.

 Here at The Finance Guy, we are blessed and cursed with a constant flow of information in all our sub niches.  Rather than struggling to find something to write about we often have to prioritize our ideas because there isn't enough time to write all those posts.

 Not too much else to say about day 10 right now... perhaps we will revisit and update this post in the future as we repeat the process of the 31 Day Challenge