Day 9 - Join a Forum or Social Media Group

We are up to day 9 of the ProBlogger 31 Day Build a Better Blog Challenge.  Our task for today is 'join a forum or social media group', which is related to our niche.  This task is surprisingly, something we already do.  The Finance Guy is active on many forums, Google+ communities, Facebook groups and some LinkedIn groups.

The Day 9 PBBBB Podcast explains that forums and groups are a gathering place for people with similar interests.  This is something we already do quite a bit.  We spend a lot of time in forums and social media groups...

The hard part is keeping up with so many of them... we tend to focus on core 'busy' spots where we see a lot of activity and can participate in conversations as well as offer our own content when applicable

Our Day 9 Closing Thoughts

Definitely a good tip, and made us feel better about the amount of time we are spending on this.  We will try and focus on finding new groups which might be better suited to our content and more conducive to driving traffic to our site.