Day 11 - Create 10 Blog Post Ideas

The Finance Guy has completed Day 11 of the Problogger 31 Day Build a Better Blog Challenge. Today, our task was to create a list of 10 Blog Post Ideas.  This is going to another one of our brief posts.  As it turned out to be an area we are doing quite well.  We may focus on it more when we repeate the 31 day challenge in the future. We listened to the PBBBB Day 11 Podcast while driving, so we may have skipped some important stuff.  

What We Learned In Traffic

  • Writers block happens to all of us, don't feel bad when it happens :)
  • It's a good idea to spend time brainstorming ideas before jumping into a post
  • Plan more strategically with post.. don't over saturate or neglect 
  • Evernote is really cool - it's was app we already have but had never used before

Our List of Ideas

It will be fun to come back to this list in the future and see how many we turned into actual posts.  :)

Here are the first 16 items on our third evernote note created:

1. Stated vs True Incentives - What really motivates the flow of $$$, eggs, Green energy etc

2. Trump 2016 - A streetonomic look at the campaign (brainstorm diagram already drawn up)

3. Hints to reduce credit card debt - a lending post which does not focus on home loans, plus addresses an important issue helping people manage cc debt problems

4. How Does Salary Crediting work? - this was one of the 6 tips to pay off your mortgage faster.  Create a more detailed explanation so that the 6 tips readers can link to it, and promote as own post

5. Principle vs Interest - how much of your repayment reduces your loan, and how much is interest?  Interest is like paying rent to the bank for holding their money..

6.  Bitcoin breaks USD $300 begining of a rally or time to shortsell?  Leverage off success of  former post about storm brewing for BTC, which was very successfully promoted in Bitcoin trading forums...

7. Greece - the Case against Bitcoin - opposite opinion link post explaining how being in the EU and having the EUR has taken away macroeconomic tools which could have saved Greece... a universal currency with no central bank (Bitcoin) has the same problem....

8. Rd to RG146 - a side blog I started to accompany my studies, plan is to blog the essential information and create some new calculators related to the learning...  this is on the back burner but I want to get it done

9. USANA, Amway Herbalife Nuskin Compensation Plans - leverage of organic traffic I get from 'can you make money in MLM?' post.  Give a 4 part series in streetonomic explain in one in terms of: What you need to spend, and how many people you need in your team to make money

10.  Aussie Dollar Outlook: Short selling ahead - a 'playing with money' post giving our pov of the AUD and Aussie economy and why the next few years will be tough

11. Wow Homes et al - playing with money look at these first home buyer groups... what do you get for your small deposit, what are the limitations are there any dangers?

12. Vendor Finance - another one from the backlog been wanting to post on this for a while.  

13. Zombie Coins - an estimated 30% of Bitcoins mined so far are thought to be zombies (not touched for more than 18 months) Most of these believed to be lost forever... how does this impact the 'fixed supply'... will there be any bitcoin left by 2140, or will they all be zombies by then?

14. Denver Dimes - a little FYI about the U.S fiat that many might not know

15.  The power of a deposit - Australian mortgages are changing.. it's shifting so that the bigger your deposit, the better your deal..

16. Financial Planning risk profile - a playing with $ look at how financial advice can be automated very simply.