Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage Schedule calculator - A detailed look at projected cash flows of a home loan.  The Finance Guy created this calculator as part of a RG 146 course assignment, but we thought we'd add it to the list

Interest Auditor - Use this calculator to see how much interest you should have been charged on your loan.  Enter the details from a recent loan statement to calculate what your interest charge should have been.

Consolidation Calculator - Most people have debts other than their mortgage, whether it's credit cards, personal loans or car loans.  These debts will be at different interest rates.  This calculator will help you work out how much interest you are being charged across all your debt, and show you how much you can save if you consolidate to one low rate

Compare Repayments Calculator - Ever wondered how much you will repay over the life of your mortgage?  A small change to your interest rate or monthly loan repayment, could add up to serious savings over the live of the loan.  Use this calculator to see how much you could save by making a small change to your mortgage.

 Compare payments (Graph version) - Here's another version of the same calculator, this one has a graph

Compare Loans - This is an advanced calculator to help you compare home loan offers from up to 4 lenders. The calculator has options to include details such as: Annual Fees, Application Fees, Additional Repayments, Split rate loans with any combination of Fixed and Variable Rates

Loan Schedule - A calculator which gives you an amortization table, and also includes a dynamic graph

Loan Budget - This calculator will show you how much you can borrow given a maximum monthly payment.  If you want to maintain your lifestyle, it is a good idea to set a maximum monthly payment budget.  

Annualise YTD Income with this calculator.  If you need to calculate annual income, and all you have is a recent payslip, then use this calculator to determine what your annual income is