All our Calculators

The calculators on this site, were made by the Finance Guy, they have not been externally audited.  While we hope they are useful, please do not rely on them as a sole source of information.  

This list will continue to grow, and we are always open to feedback, whether it's corrections needed, or requests for new calculators

Mortgage Schedule calculator - A detailed look at projected cash flows of a home loan.  The Finance Guy created this calculator as part of a RG 146 course assignment, but we thought we'd add it to the list

Interest Auditor - Use this calculator to see how much interest you should have been charged on your loan.  Enter the details from a recent loan statement to calculate what your interest charge should have been.

Compare Repayments This calculator will show you the total repayments on any loan,(based on current interest rates) whether it's a mortgage, a car loan, or any other type of debt.  It will let you compare interest rates and repayments so you can see how much a change in loan structure will save or cost you over the life of your loan.  We liked this one so much, we also made a version with a graph

Compare Loans - This is an advanced calculator to help you compare home loan offers from up to 4 lenders. The calculator has options to include details such as: Annual Fees, Application Fees, Additional Repayments, Split rate loans with any combination of Fixed and Variable Rates

Consolidation Calculator - Most people have debts other than their mortgage, whether it's credit cards, personal loans or car loans.  These debts will be at different interest rates.  This calculator will help you work out how much interest you are being charged across all your debt, and show you how much you can save if you consolidate to one low rate

Convert YTD to Annual this one was built on a request by a mortgage broker.  That's right, The Finance Guy takes requests :).  If you have a payslip with Year to Date figures, this calculator will help you get the annual figure.  

FY14 Tax Estimator It's tax time in Australia, if you have a group certificate, and a vague idea, of your allowable deductions, this calculator can help you estimate your tax refund.   The Finance Guy is not a tax professional, so please forgive us if your returns vary from our estimate.

Car Expense Calculator  Keeping in the spirit of the Australian tax season, here's one to help you estimate your car expense.  For all of us who use our personal cars for work purposes (other than driving to and from home).  If you drove less than 5,000 kilometres for work last financial year, you can claim a car expense.  You won't need a log book or any documentation.  This known as the 'cents per kilometre' method.  

VET FEE Help Calculator  If you have studied and paid through a VET FEE HELP loan, then use this calculator to see what your FY14 repayment is:

Loan Budget - This calculator will show you how much you can borrow given a maximum monthly payment.  If you want to maintain your lifestyle, it is a good idea to set a maximum monthly payment budget.  

Loan Schedule - A calculator which gives you an amortization table, and also includes a dynamic graph