The road to RG-146

The Finance Guy has decided to become RG-146 compliant. RG-146 is a regulation established in 2001 by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).   It's purpose is to set the minimum level of training and ongoing education required by anyone selling financial products in Australia.   We are not going to sell financial products, but we do talk about them, and we are based in Australia, so we thought it would be fun to obtain the educational qualification.

We thought we'd share a streetonomic view of what it takes to become a qualified financial adviser in Austrlia.  We hope you enjoy sharing our journey with us, as always we welcome all feedback and questions.

We will update this page regularly, with a summary of our adventure.  If you want the full story, then feel free to click on the links, or visit our RG146 blog

Choosing a course to study -  After researching our options, we decided to enroll with AAMC.  They offer an online self paced option, so we can study in our own time. We we've been told that the course can be completed within 6 months.  It seems like a short time to obtain a professional qualification, so stay with us and see how long it takes, and find out just how educated financial advisers are.