Cents Per Kilometre Calculator

This calculator provides an estimate only, The Finance Guy is not an authorized tax agent.   Please consult a qualified tax professional, to confirm if you are eligible for this deduction

If you use your personal vehicle for  up to 5,000 of work related travel, then you might be entitled to claim a tax deduction.  The amount you can claim depends on how many kilometres you have driven in the financial year, and what size engine your car has. 

The calculator below can be used to estimate what deduction you would be entitled to using the Cents Per Kilometre method.  Fill  in your engine type and what distance you drove for work, to see what deduction your car may be entitled to.

If you are entitled to a deduction using this method, this shows you how much you can reduce your assessable taxable income. (ATI)  The amount you receive on your tax return will depend on your final ATI after all deductions, and which income bracket you are in